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wineLeftI fell in love with the joy of wine while traveling through Italy with my husband in 2005. Combining my love for wine and my passion for creating and marketing events, I envisioned Uncorked! I wanted to re-create the experience of a guided wine tasting with friends. I envisioned a simple and easy way for everyone to celebrate the pleasure of wine tasting. A friendly environment where the beginner is encouraged and the wine enthusiast broadens his or her knowledge. 

I love wine, especially the bolder red wines like, Cabernet, Zinfandel and Merlot. I love sharing wine with friends and talking about the taste. Wine holds memories for me, memories of Italy, intimate discussions with loved ones and robust laughter with friends. I love reading about wine and I love coming across quotes about wine. I even came up with my own quote, “Wine gets better with age, the more you drink the better I look!”—clearly a few glasses were consumed creating those words of wisdom. My wine education grew in friendly conditions, no intimidation or fancy wine-speak. Speaking with others about Uncorked! I learned that is not the case for everyone. 

Our combined experience of conducting workshops and wine tasting showed us that the best way to learn about wine is by tasting wine. Tasting brings the wine to life! Uncorked! offers wine lovers the opportunity to learn more about wine the way wine was intended to be enjoyed; amongst friends, with humor and in a relaxed atmosphere.We encourage you to let go and let the experience be as organic as the wine itself. There is no right or wrong in this room, only your unique Uncorked! experience. 

Uncorked! was written with the rest of us in mind. In this easy-to-use book, you will find chapters that highlight the unique characteristics of wines from around the world, refillable scoring cards that let you record the results of each tasting. The book is also portable enough to take with you to a restaurant or wine shop. You will find a chapter on how to conduct a tasting with a group of friends. Your next dinner party will be an amazing journey of wine with food pairings. Your next trip abroad may find you in a region you learned about in Uncorked! Lastly, not only will you will learn the rules, you will learn how to break them. 

wineRightThe tastings are designed to build both knowledge and skill. By the end of the book you are certain to know a good deal more about wine than when you started. Uncorked! is designed to instill confidence and leave you thirsty for more. So let’s get started enjoying one of life’s gifts—wine!

Michelle Patterson, CEO
Event Complete
A Full Service Event Marketing Company

What our readers say about Uncorked!

“Michelle shares her knowledge and gift of events and wine in this easy to understand and well thought out book. I have worked with Michelle Patterson for years and am constantly amazed not only by her technical expertise but her ability to pull so many moving pieces together to create spectacular experiences for her audience.

~ Dan Lauriano, President and CEO of Rockin’ Restaurants Inc.,
Riptide Restaurants Inc.,West Derby Restaurants Inc. and
Southern California Restaurant Group, LLC

“Uncorked! will teach you how to read a wine menu, how to buy wine, pairing wine at dinner, what the buzz words mean, wine quotes and much more….just enough knowledge to be dangerous at a dinner party. So feel free to grab the wine menu and be confident you know how to order the right wine to pair with your meal.”

~ Jespah Clanton, Sommalier, Tannins Restaurant &Wine Bar, voted inWine
Spectator – Award of Excellence for most outstanding wine lists in the world

“Michelle Patterson’s Event Complete book series is a must for anyone in the world who is hosting an event. Whether it be a small wine tasting event or a large Wine Festival with 30,000 in attendance, she has done it all and knows how to teach the process in a simple and easy-to-learn format. Bottom line—Michelle Rocks!”

~ Craig Duswalt, professional speaker, author and creator of the RockStar System For Success, www.CraigDuswalt.com

The world of wine can be an intimidating place; even for those that have enjoyed wine for years. Uncorked! is a great introduction to the world of wine, and a great place to start a lifetime of education and enjoyment.

~ Taylor Moody
Owner, InternationalWine Ventures

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